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Parthia in the News - Index

News articles that contain the words Parthia or Parthian from print and Internet sources around the world:


Achaemenid, Parthian clay seals unearthed in northeast Iran (21 Oct 2019)


Ancient earthen coffin found in southern Iran (1 Jan 2010)
Ancient child’s coffin unearthed at Parthian site in southwestern Iran (10 Jan 2010)


Unique Parthian burial found in Iran (26 Jan 2009)
Ancient land seeks tourists  (20 Jan 2009)


Parsa Emerges From the Shadow of Persepolis (2 Dec 2008)
Mining banned at salt men's necropolis (9 Nov 2008)
Signs of conflagration discovered at Parthian castle in northern Iran (27 Aug 2008)
Parthian manor unearthed in western Iran (18 Aug 2008)
Bisotun under the spotlight (26 Jul 2008)
Parthian, Sassanid residential areas discovered in northeastern Iran (18 Jul 2008)
Discovery of Six Residential Units in Parthian Fortress of Yazdegerd (8 May 2008)
Possible Existence of a Sasanian Fire Temple in Sarab-e Mort (24 Apr 2008)
Artifact with Hellenistic influence discovered at Sassanid city (21 Apr 2008)
Joint Human, Animal Jar Burial Unearthed Near Strait of Hormuz (28 Feb 2008)
Archaeologists Discovered Largest Parthian Fortress in Iran-Proper (27 Feb 2008)
Parthian fortress still watches over Strait of Hormuz (26 Feb 2008)
Parthian burial practices revealed (26 Feb 2008)
Second Season of Archaeological Excavation in Parthian 'Sarab-Mort' Underway (22 Feb 2008)
Iran's National Museum and the British Museum Team Up on "Sasanian Coins" (21 Feb 2008)
Excavations in Iran unravel mystery of  'Red Snake' (21 Feb 2008)
Iran and Britain team up on "Sassanid Coins" (20 Feb 2008)
ZCHTHD to Make Covering-Protections for Archaeological Sites in Chehrabad Salt Mine (15 Feb 2008)
Scientific Research Testifies the Parthian Origin of Hegmataneh Tappeh (9 Feb 2008)
New Mining License Endangers the Ancient Iranian Salt Mummies (7 Feb 2008)
Romania to Return the Smuggled Iranian Rhyton (5 Feb 2008)
Iraqi Archaeologists Excavate New Sites and Find 'Rare' Parthian Artifacts (25 Jan 2008)
Persian Gulf's Roudan City Under Study (23 Jan 2008)
Manifestation of Sassanid Art : Taq-e Bostan (21 Jan 2008)
Pahlavi Inscriptions Found (21 Jan 08)


Discovery of 57 Historical and Pre-Historical Settlements in Ramiyan (26 Dec 2007)
Islamic Regime have Finally Destroyed 2200-year-old Parthian Bridge of Khoda-Afarid (Negin) (8 Dec 2007)
Discovery of Four Parthian Foetuses in Ardebil Province (5 Dec 2007)
Two Pahlavi inscriptions identified in Central Province (5 Dec 2007)
Traces of ancient fire discovered at Pasargadae (27 Nov 2007)
Parthian Yazdgerd Castle to be Excavated (21 Nov 2007)
Two Sasanian-Pahlavi Inscriptions Discovered in Kohan-Dedz (15 Nov 2007)
Bam Citadel Under Emergency Restoration (1 Nov 2007)
Salt Men to Undergo Surgery (30 Oct 2007)
8000-Year-Old Settlement Discovered behind Galabar Dam (20 Oct 2007)
Oil exploration destroys ancient sites in Seimareh Dam reservoir area (17 Oct 2007)
Remains of a Parthian Fort Discovered in Malayer (5 Oct 2007)
Seimareh Dam reservoir conceals archaeological goldmine (25 Sep 2007)
3000-year-old graves discovered at Galabar Dam reservoir (22 Sep 2007)
30 Parthian-Sasanian Sites Discovered near Gorgan Wall (15 Sep 2007)
Roads of time converge in Bolaghi Valley (10 Sep 2007)
Piping peace and prosperity to South Asia (2 Sep 2007)
Seimareh Dam Reservoir Devours 100 Archaeological Sites (25 Aug 2007)
28 Parthian and Sasanian Sites Identified in Golestan (22 Aug 2007)
Discovery of a Parthian Canal by Gorgan's Great Wall (22 Aug 2007)
Sixteenth Fort Discovered at Gorgan's Ancient Great Wall (21 Auf 2007)
Islamic Republic Demolished Parthian Bridge of Negin (20 Aug 2007)
Two Further Fortresses Identified on Path of Gorgan’s Wall (18 Aug)
Parts of Tamisheh Wall Discovered in Gulf of Gorgan (12 Aug 2007)
Identifying of number of post-Achaemenid Sites in Sistan Plain (11 Aug 2007)
Identification of a Parthian and Three Post-Sasanian Cities in Sistan (6 Aug 2007)
Partho-Sasanian Sites of Abyaneh are in Danger (4 Aug 2007)
Experts to Examine New Ways to Save Salt Men (24 Jul 2007)
Discovered Parthian artifacts from Guri-Kohneh Mound are being classified (16 Jul 2007)
Fifty Six Pre-Islamic Graves Discovered behind Salman-e Farsi Dam (3 Jul 2007)
Parthian Fortresses of Nisa Inscribed on UNESCO's World Heritage List (29 Jun 2007)
Discovery of a Secret Passageway Leading to Parthian Kalan Fortress (26 Jun 2007)
Discovery of Pre-Historic Cemetery in Zanjan (23 Jun 2007)
New Season of Archaeological Research at Partho-Sasanian Site of Valiran (18 Jun 2007)
Earth is Best Trustee for Sixth Salt Man: Expert (11 Jun 2007)
Discovery of a Parthian Fortress behind Gelabar Dam (9 Jun 2007)
Sixth Salt Man Discovered in Chehr-Abad Mine (4 Jun 2007)
Archaeologists have Discovered Ancient Mudbrick-Footpath in Ramhormoz (31 May 2007)
Ambiguous Fate of Ramhormoz Treasury (21 May 2007)
Pre-Islamic Agricultural System Discovered at Korbaldasht (21 May 2007)
Another catastrophe descends on cultural heritage in Hamedan Province (17 Apr 2007)
Achaemenid walls unearthed in northern Pasargadae (12 Mar 2007)
Remains of a Parthian Fire Temple Discovered in Yazd (14 Feb 2007)
Efforts to Preserve Zanjan Saltmen (7 Feb 2007)
Experts Studying Achaemenid and Parthian Fabrics (31 Jan 2007)
Archaeologists Wrap Up another Season of Excavation at Parthian site of Valiran (20 Jan 2007)
Ecbatana Hill Confirmed to an Arsacid Site: Azarnoush (16 Jan 2007)
New Moves to Film the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in the Persian Gulf (15 Jan 2007)


No Medians at Ecbatana Hill (31 Dec 2006)
Ancient Salasel Fort Threatened by the Islamic Republic's Organisations (27 Dec 2006)
Evidence of Chalcolithic Period Discovered in Kermanshah (25 Dec 2006)
Underwater Archaeology Centre to be Established in the Persian Gulf (19 Dec 2006)
Sasanian Bas-reliefs of Mt. Khajeh Fortress Falling Apart (11 Dec 2006)
Parthian Fortress of Mt. Khajeh on the Verge of Collapse (6 Dec 2006)
Greek Underwater Archaeologists to Assist Recovering the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf (4 Dec 2006)
Experts from Oxford and York Started their Studies on Zanjan's Salt Men (29 Nov 2006)
Ancient Iranian Shipwreck Cargo to be Recovered (27 Nov 2006)
Parthian Coffins Sent to Hamadan Museum for Restoration (16 Nov 2006)
The Great Wall of Gorgan to be Nominated for UNESCO World Heritage List (15 Nov 2006)
Parthian Chub-Tarash Archaeological Site is Being Neglected (13 Nov 2006)
Recently Discovered Ancient Iranian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf Described by Archaeologists as a Death Trap (10 Nov 2006)
Parthian Site of Valiran Left Unprotected (6 Nov 2006)
Archaeologists in Quest for Median Ecbatana, instead Discovered Parthian Ecbatana (4 Nov 2006)
Parthian Metal Workshops Discovered in Kerman (7 Oct 2006)
Sections of Sasanian Great Wall of Gorgan is Under the Caspian Sea Waters (30 Sep 2006)
World Archeologists to Cooperate in Recovery of the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf (27 Sep 2006)
University of Oxford's Experts Proposed a Joint Research with their Iranian Counterparts to Study Chehr-Abad Salt Men (27 Sep 2006)
Illegal Excavations Ruin Traces of History (23 Sep 2006)
Iranian and British Archaeologist Start Excavations on Gorgan's Wall (21 Sep 2006)
Exhibition of Arsacid Finds from Valiran Was Held at ICHTO (18 Sep 2006)
"South Pars Zone" to Fund Exploration of the Partho-Sasanian Shipwreck in Persian Gulf (18 Sep 2006)
The Second Jar Burial of a Child Discovered in Gohar Tappeh (18 Sep 2006)
Locals the Only Guardians of the Parthian Fortress of Shovaz in Yazd (15 Sep 2006)
Underwater Archaeologists Believed to have Discovered a Sunken Partho-Sasanian Ship in Persian Gulf (14 Sep 2006)
A Parthian Communal Grave Discovered in Valiran (13 Sep 2006)
Parthian Rhytons & Sassanid Coins Discovered in Damavand (30 Aug 2006)
Parthian and Sasanian Fortresses Discovered Behind Gotvand Dam (29 Aug 2006)
Discovery of Number of Sasanian Earthenware in Farafar Historical Site (24 Aug 2006)
Lashtan Fortress to Try its Chance as a UNESCO World Heritage Site (Aug 2006)
Discovery of a Sasanian Site in Valiran Region (16 Aug 2006)
Different Historical Layers Exist in Nader Tepe (15 Aug 2006)
Plan to Restore Columns of Parthian Khorheh (12 Aug 2006)
One of the Walls of Parthian Edifice at Kuh-e Khwajeh has Collapsed (11 Aug 2006)
Archeological Survey at Partho-Sasanian Baq-Tepe (Aug 2006)
Iran to Restore her Ancient Palatial Capital in Mesopotamia (3 Aug 2006)
Iraj Fortress to become a Tourist Attraction (30 Jul 2006)
Parthian Remains Discovered in Damavand (24 Jul 2006)
Iranian Documentary to Present Ancient Iranian Warriors' Sport in UNESCO (22 Jul 2006)
Coins Found on Silk Road to be Displayed in Iran and China (21 Jul 2006)
Tarikhaneh Original Floor Found (13 Jul 2006)
Enclosure for Parthian Saltman Built (3 Jul 2006)
Invasion or Climate Change? What Changed Bampour Culture? (27 Jun 2006)
German Archaeologists to Excavate Salt Men's Burial Ground (21 Jun 2006)
Recent Discoveries Reveal the Rich Civilization of Hormozgan Province (20 Jun 2006)
Harsh Weather & Authorities' Carelessness Threaten Parthian Fortress (18 Jun 2006)
Underwater Archaeology in Search of Ancient Gorgan Wall (15 Jun 2006)
Parthian Salt Men to Go on Display at Zanjan Museum (7 Jun 2006)
Discovery of Achaemenid Bronze Arrowheads and Parthian Jar Burials in Khuzestan (29 May 2006)
Stronach and Parthian Sad-Darvazeh (28 May 2006)
Varamin's Mil Mound to Undergo New Excavations (13 May 2006)
Cement Factory Continues Threatening Rey's Ancient Sites (11 May 2006)
Iran National Museum to Exhibit Rare Sasanid Plaster Works (11 May 2006)
40,000 Tons of Debris Moved From Bam Citadel (6 May 2006)
Most of Kuhdasht Archaeological Sites are Partho-Sasanian (5 May 2006)
Wall of an Unknown Parthian Fortress Became Visible After Rainfall (4 May 2006)
Partho-Sasanid Building’s Arch Collapses (11 Apr 2006)
Discovery of Parthian Earthenware Floors in Dastva City (6 Mar 2006)
Discovery of Parthian & Sasanian Sites in Qeshm Island (3 Mar 2006)
Discovery of Parthian & Sasanian Sites in Sar-e Pol-e Zahab (27 Feb 2006)
Heavy Rain Damages Parthian Bardneshandeh Temple (24 Feb 2007)
Discovery of 110 Archaeological Mounds in Sar Pol-e-Zahab (20 Feb 2006)
Sasanian Art, the Main Source of Early Islamic Floor-Frescos (19 Feb 2006)
Painted Bas-Reliefs of Sasanid Imperial Family Unearthed in Gur (18 Feb 2006)
ORAU: Chehr-Abad Saltmen Were Parthians (10 Feb 2006)
Kaluraz New Mystery: Acheulian Stone Tools in the Parthian level (1 Feb 2006)
An Ancient Catacomb Discovered in Gilan (25 Jan 2006)
Restoration Work on Ancient Gorgan Wall Completed (22 Jan 2006)
An Iron-Age Architectural Plan Discovered in Gilan (17 Jan 2006)
A Rare Parthian Statue Recovered from Looters (7 Jan 2006)


Over 100 Parthian Statuettes Discovered in Halil-Rud, Kerman (19 Dec 2005)
Discovery of Parthian Stucco Decorations in Shushtar (18 Dec 2005)
Parthian Architectural Remains Discovered in Gilan (9 Dec 2005)
Parthian Site May Have Wrongly Been Identified as Median Ecbatana (2 Dec 2005)
Discovery of a Late-Parthian or Early-Sasanian Fire Temple in Kermanshah (22 Nov 2005)
Japanese return to complete studies at Gilan's ancient sites (20 Nov 2005)
Gorgan Home to Asia's Second Great Wall (15 Nov 2005)
Update: Discovery of the Parthian Architectural Remains in Gilan (13 Nov 2005)
Parthian era wall unearthed in Gilan (11 Nov 2005)
Looted Relics from Iraqi Museums Slow To Surface (10 Nov 2005)
A Parthian Chahar-Taqi in Jahrom on the verge of destruction (7 Nov 2005)
Mystery of Jar Burial in Gohar Tepe (6 Nov 2005)
Dam construction uncovers Sassanid-style graves near Kermanshah (6 Nov 2005)
Mount Khwajeh, the Biggest Unbaked Mud Structure from Parthian Times (3 Nov 2005)
Discovery of Kermanshah's Largest Partho-Sassanid Fire Temple (31 Oct 2005)
Over 700 historical monuments identified in North Khorassan (31 Oct 2005)
Parthian Mithraeum on the verge of Destruction (30 Oct 2005)
Arsacid Fire Temple Emerges at Dam Construction Site in Kermanshah (30 Oct 2005)
Three Parthian Columns were Discovered by Smugglers (27 Oct 2005)
Discovered Ancient Burials from Meshkin-Shahr Belonging to Parthian Period (23 Oct 2005)
Central Province has breathtaking attractions to offer (21 Oct 2005)
Discovery of a Parthian Crypt in Qom (20 Oct 2005)
Discovery of Parthian Murals at Zahak Castle (17 Oct 2005)
Iranian Heritage is being Turned into Cement (15 Oct 2005)
Iran's Anahita Temple hosted 12,000 visitors (13 Oct 2005)
Parthian Khorhe's Sixth Season of Archaeological Excavation is Completed (11 Oct 2005)
Scholars call on president to save ancient academic city of Jondishapur (5 Oct 2005)
Bolaghi-Gorge the Biggest Archaeological Salvage Operation in Iran (4 Oct 2005)
A Lesson from Roman History : An Earlier Empire's War on Iraq (4 Oct 2005)
Archaeologists Discovered Pieces of Parthian Colored Mosaic in Zahhak Castle (4 Oct 2005)
Achaemenid era tepes discovered near Soltanieh Dome (3 Oct 2005)
ICOMOS proposes adding Bistun to UNESCO natural heritage list (3 Oct 2005)
Ancient outpost marks time (2 Oct 2005)
Cultural catastrophe: ancient tepes plowed in Susa (2 Oct 2005)
Excavation work resumes at Ecbatana (1 Oct 2005)
Smugglers causing irrevocable damage to Zahak Castle (28 Sep 2005)
Iran's 72-hectare Acropolis deserted (17 Sep 2005)
Hotel construction could blight Zoroastrian cemetery in southern Iran (12 Sep 2005)
Stone mines used to construct Anahita Temple discovered (20 Aug 2005)
33 Ancient Coins Seized from Smugglers (15 Aug 2005)
Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency (10 Aug 2005)
Key Parthian Dynasty Site Undergoes Restoration (7 Aug 2005)
Stronach to guide Iranian archaeologists' search for Parthian city (6 Aug 2005)
Archaeologists restoring ruins near Zahak Castle (6 Aug 2005)
Zoroaster's Kaba, world's most unique ancient calendrical building: archaeologist (31 Jul 2005)
Roman legion founded Chinese city (25 Jul 2005)
Lost Median medallion found after 30 years (1 Jul 2005)
Excavations underway to locate ancient Greek temple in western Iran (25 Jun 2005)
Rock music enhances suicidal sentiments, new study suggests  (21 Jun 2005)
American Archaeologist Authenticates Afghanistan's Recovered National Treasures (May/June 2005)
Parthian and Sassanid Inscribed Vocabulary Collected in a Dictionary (30 May 2005)
Choob Tarash Excavation Operations (29 May 2005)
Bronze Coffin with Golden Blindfold Found in Western Iran (14 May 2005)
Gharbal Biz of Yazd Dates Back to Achaemenid, not Parthian, Times (10 May 2005)
Inflation Rate in Parthian Times: Less than One Percent (9 May 2005)
Italian digs unearth ancient Parthian court (7 May 2005)
Dams violating Iran's cultural heritage (2 May 2005)
Parthian city discovered on Minab plain (27 Apr 2005)
Parthian era Phraaspa Castle discovered in Atropatene region (20 Apr 2005)
Important Parthian City Found in Eastern Azarbaijan (19 Apr 2005)
Iranian history to go under hammer at Christie's (19 Apr 2005)
Ten Parthian Casks Discovered in Rig Port Waters (10 Apr 2005)
Parthian jars discovered in southern Iran (10 Apr 2005)
Over 400 bas-relief works discovered in southeastern Iran (6 Apr 2005)
Temple -- Tourist Attraction (16 Mar 2005)
Archaeologists save 2500-year-old shards of Tang-e Bolaghi (23 Feb 2005)
3000-year-old shards discovered in northern Iran (6 Feb 2005)
Pahlavi language words still used in central Iran (5 Feb 2005)
International Committee to Save Historical Remains of Tang-e-Bolaghi (18 Jan 2005)
Parthian Circular City Found in Khorasan (10 Jan 2005)
Parthian and Sassanid Sites Discovered (9 Jan 2005)
Parthian Era Subterranean Village Discovered Near Maragheh (1 Jan 2005)


Religious Relics Unearthed Near Bam (20 Nov 2004)
Artifacts Are Found in Afghanistan 25 Years After Being Secreted Away (17 Nov 2004)
Ancient Nehbandan to be excavated (6 Nov 2005)
Cosmetics in ancient Iran (5 Oct 2004)
Historic site in Iran turned into garbage dump, official complains (25 Aug 2004)
Bam's Architectural, Residential Layers to be Explored (7 Aug 2004)
Ancient City Possibly Sleeping Under Behistun Plateau (4 Aug 2004)
Potteries from Bronze Age to Parthian Era Unearthed in Ardebil (31 Jul 2004)
Sleeping Parthian City to Awaken (16 Jul 2004)
New Season of Excavation to Kickoff in Takht-e Suleiman (8 Jul 2004)
Excavation Works to Resume in Arsaces' Major Capital (28 Jun 2004)
A Hoard of Gold That Afghanistan Quietly Saved (24 Jun 2004)
Secret of Parthian Aqueduct Remains Unraveled (16 Jun 2004)
Mold of Arsacid Prince's Sculpture Goes to Germany (11 Jun 2004)
World to See Afghanistan's Fabled Bactrian Gold (1 Jun 2004)
Restoration of Fortress of Babak Khorramdin to Continue (16 May 2004)
2000-year-old City Unearthed near Bam (6 May 2004)
The Oldest Iranian Arch (3 May 2004)
Remains of Ancient Qanats, Villages Discovered Near Bam (1 May 2004)
Mysteries of the most Important Capital of Parthian Dynasty to be Revealed (29 Apr 2004)
Big Statue Sign of Advanced Metal Works in Ancient Iran (25 Apr 2004)
Iran Ready to Restore Ctesiphon Palace (8 Apr 2004)
Data Bank of Takht-e Soleiman's Shards Set up (8 Apr 2004)
Layers from the Parthian Period Detected in Grand Mosque of Hamedan (27 Feb 2004)
Ancient Coins Studied, Documented in Mazandaran (25 Jan 2004)
Bam Citadel Gate Buried Under Rubble (11 Jan 2004)
Bam Citadel Expected to Enter UNESCO World Endangered Heritage List (10 Jan 2004)


Studies on Parthian Civilization in Kojour Fortress of Noshahr (29 Dec 2003)
Archeologists Trying to Establish Function of Gharbaliz in Central Iran (5 Dec 2003)
Babak Citadel Undergoes Emergency Restoration Works (4 Dec 2003)
Maneh & Samalghan, Rich in Historical Heritage (11 Nov 2003)
Replicas of Sassanid Tablets (16 Nov 2003)
Picking up the pieces in Baghdad (12 Oct 2003)
Rey Cultural Heritage Expands with New Finds (4 Oct 2003)
Archaeological excavations resume at Takht-e Soleyman (28 Sep 2003)
Computer Font Designed for Ancient Iranian Languages (5 Sep 2003)
Massive Ancient Cemetery Found in Northern Iran (3 Sep 2003)
Archeologists Start New Season of Excavations in Zahhak Castle (3 Sep 2003)
Ancient Iranian City of Margiana at Risk of Crumbling (31 Aug 2003)
Legendary Bactrian Gold Finally Surfaces (30 Aug 2003)
Afghan Tillya-tepe gold hoard found intact (29 Aug 2003)
Protective Zone of Takht-e Soleiman to be Accurately Specified (15 Jul 2003)
UN unveils new heritage sites (4 Jul 2003)
Parthian Ship Discovered in Bandar-e Reeg (Jun 2003)
Eleven Parthian statues lost in looting of Baghdad museum (30 Apr 2003)
Statue of King Saqnatroq II looted as Mosul descends into chaos (12 Apr 2003)
Riddle of 'Baghdad's batteries' (27 Feb 2003)
Riddle of the Parthian Batteries (27 Feb 2003)


Takht-e-Suleiman historic ruins on UNESCO's world legacy list (13 Jul 2002)
Porcelain objects in Veshnoveh dig carbon dated to Arsacid period (12 Jul 2002)
Hekmatâneh Hill : Full of Iranian Untold History (12 Jun 2002)


1900-Year-Old Dam, Belong to Parthian Dynasty Registered as National Monument (25 Dec 2001)
Some Archaeological News from Baghdad (Nov 2001)
Parthian Dynasty Historical Edifice Identified in South-Eastern Iran (10 Aug 2001)
First Barrel-Shaped Grave of Parthian Period discovered in Mazandarân (24 Jul 2001)
Sculptures Recovered (May 2001)
A Parthian Ceramic Coffin Discovered in Hamedan (23 May 2001)
Events & Exhibitions: The Unknown Paradise: Archaeological Treasures from Bahrain (Mar 2001)
First-century Parthian Period Building Unearthed from Lower Persian Gulf  (2 Feb 2001)


Iraqi museum reopens after ten-year closure (29 Apr 2000)
Iraq discovers pre-Islamic castle (3 Mar 2000)


"Slipper coffin's" mysteries remain unsolved (7 Sep 1999)
Cities of Fars Province (part 2) Boroujen (30 Jun 1999)
Cities of Fars Province (part 3) (17 Mar 1999)


Antique Collection Discovered in Hamedan (28 Nov 1998)
Seminar on Iran's Ancient Cultural Heritage, Anahita Opens (8 Sep 1998)


Apadana Excavations Begin in Shoush (19 Apr 1995)
Sasanian City Found Near Bushehr (26 Feb 1995)


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