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Coins of Rome about Parthia:
Antoninus Pius (A.D. 138-161)

Titus Aurelius Fulvus Boionius Arrius Antoninus chose a senatorial career and became consul in A.D. 120, later distinguishing himself as proconsul in Asia. He was adopted by Hadrian as his heir in A.D. 138, and during the emperor's last months, Antoninus became de facto ruler and his transition to power was smooth. The history of his reign is almost a blank in the records, owing to the tranquillity and prosperity which the Roman world enjoyed under his rule. He died at Lorium in 161, and was succeeded by Marcus Aurelius, selected by Hadrian as heir to the throne.

One sestertius of Antoninus Pius with a Parthian reference is found in the ANS coin cabinet.

See the biography of Antoninus Pius at De Imperatoribus Romanis, an online encyclopedia of Roman emperors.

Coins in the Name of Antoninus Pius

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Catalog Denom Inscription Reverse Type

Antoninus Pius  A.D. 138-161

BMC 1191var sestertius ANTONINVS AVG PIVS P P / PARTHIA COS II Parthia stand. L, holding crown and bow and quiver

The images are used by permission of their copyright owners. See the Coins of Rome about Parthia index page for a listing of these generous individuals, dealers and institutions.

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