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Coins of Rome about Parthia:
Probus (A.D. 276-282)

M. Aurelius Probus joined the army and gained rapid promotion until, by the reign of Aurelian, he was one of the leading generals. Soon after the death of Tacitus he was proclaimed emperor by his troops and, following the murder of Florianus, he became undisputed master of the Roman world. His reign was notable not only for his considerable military successes, but also for his attempt to restore the Empire’s economic life. To this end he introduced viticulture into several of the western provinces, and had he been able to carry out all his plans, the Roman empire might have recovered much of its power and prestige. However, in the autumn of A.D. 282, he was murdered by a band of mutinous soldiers.

See the biography of Probus at De Imperatoribus Romanis, an online encyclopedia of Roman emperors.

Coins in the Name of Probus

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Catalog Denom Inscription Reverse Type

Probus A.D. 276-282

RIC 45
Bastien 169
anton IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG / ORIENS AVG Sol standing R., holding branch and bow, and treading down captive

The images are used by permission of their copyright owners. See the Coins of Rome about Parthia index page for a listing of these generous individuals, dealers and institutions.

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