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Interactive Map of Parthia

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The image is interactive; to get a pop-up menu on a Macintosh, hold down the Control-shift keys (Control key only on System 8 and below) and click. For Windows, click with the right mouse button anywhere on the image. Choose Zoom In or Zoom Out option from the pop-up menu to see different levels of magnification. Click and drag magnified image within the window using the hand cursor. Choose Show All from the pop-up menu to return the image to the original view.

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JPEG Image of Middle East Map

Middle East MapIf you don't want to install Flash on your computer, click this button to to see the GIF version of the Middle East map. It does not have the zooming capabilities and detail of the Flash version of the map. Underlying map copyright ©1993 Digital Wisdom®, Inc

This page last updated 30 Oct 2019

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