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Internet Mail Lists & Newsgroups

There are several Internet mail lists that have discussions on Parthia from time to time, and one dedicated to the topic (click here to join Parthia-L). Below are the main ones of interest; click on the link for additional information. These are usually well-moderated and on some, respected scholars contribute important information. They are wonderful forums in which to discuss Parthia.

ANCIEN-L - History of ancient Mediterranean civilizations

ANE - Ancient Near Eastern studies

BIBLIONUMIS-L - Literature having to do with numismatics

FORVM ANCIENT COINS (Parthian Discussion Board)

MONETA-L - Ancient, medieval or colonial coinage

NUMISM-L - Numismatics of antiquity and the Middle Ages (up to c. 1454)

PARTHIA-L - Narrowly focused on Parthia studies

SELEUKIDS - Narrowly focused on Seleucid studies, often related to Parthia

There are also several Internet newsgroups that have discussions on Parthia from time to time. Below are the main newsgroups of interest; click on the hyperlink to visit a newsgroup (you must have browser configured to use a default newsreader). These groups are for the most part unmoderated and free-wheeling forums where unscholarly discussions often take place. Use information from these sources with special caution until verified. Beware the hyperbole and political axe-grinding you might read when visiting these groups.

sci.archaeology, and sci.archaeology.moderated




soc.culture.pakistan, and soc.culture.pakistan.history



Additional Information on Mail Lists

ANCIEN-L is an open, unmoderated forum providing a discussion list forum whereby professionals and serious lay individuals can meet and discuss in academic language issues related to the history of ancient Mediterranean civilizations from the Paleolithic era to the end of antiquity. The discussion may also include the history of peripheral areas and times, including the Ancient Near East, Egypt and North Africa, Iron Age Europe, and Byzantium. Subscribers should keep in mind that most researchers and academicians just don't have the time to engage in general banter and some are paying for their own net access. Subsequently, ANCIEN-L is not a reference library nor is it an appropriate venue for frivolous posts. But do feel free to participate. To join the list, send a message to the list owner with "subscribe ancien-l your name" (without the quotation marks, where "your name" is your real name -- pseudonyms are not acceptable and will be rejected) in the body of your message. No subject is required. This will start an automated exchange of correspondence that will register you for the mail list. The complete archives of ANCIEN-L are available for you to browse with an excellent search engine. The umich archives of ANCIEN-L are available for you to browse. For example, searching on the term "Parthia" will return more than 70 hits.

THE ANCIENT NEAR EAST LIST (ANE-2) is a mailing list on topics and issues of interest in Ancient Near Eastern Studies, from the Indus to the Nile, and from the beginnings of human habitation to the rise of Islam. It is intended to provide a medium for discussion among scholars and students actively engaged in research and study of this broad field. Subscription is open and unmoderated. Active (on-list) participation in ANE assumes an informed knowledge of the ancient Near East and knowledge of the list's rules. The act of subscribing to the list signifies the agreement of the subscriber to follow the rules and to accept the adjudication of the moderator. Visit the ANE web page for their rules, subscription procedures and more information. The complete archives of ANE are available for you to browse. Archives of messages prior to 9 Jan 2002 are at the Oriental Institute server and messages after that date are archived at the U. Chicago list server archive

BIBLIONUMIS-L is an open, moderated discussion list dealing with all literature having to do with numismatics (study of coins and similar monetary media, medals, tokens, etc.). Reviews, discussions, and queries related to the list's topic are welcome. Announcements of new publications, forthcoming auctions, and the like are encouraged. Postings of numismatic bibliographic material for sale or trade (with short descriptions, and with or without prices) are permitted. To join the list, send a message to the list owner with "subscribe biblionumis-L" (with no quotation marks) in the body of your message. No subject is required. This will register you for the mail list.

FORVM ANCIENT COINS (Parthian Discussion Board) - Parthian and other Eastern coins. The associated web site covers all areas of ancient numismatics with moderated discussion boards on many topics. Visit the Parthian Discussion Board.

MONETA-L is a lightly-moderated open forum without many of the rules of other numismatic lists. It allows almost anything as long as it is related to ancient, medieval or colonial coinage. A few topic examples:

  * Want lists, For sale/auction lists.
  * Web site update notifications.
  * Personal anecdotes about your collecting passions.
  * Buying/selling using the online auctions.
  * Religion as it relates ancient coins.
  * Attribution help, technical tidbits, advice, etc.

So, as you can see it is pretty much open ended. To subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com.

NUMISM-L is the ancient/medieval numismatics discussion forum, an unmoderated forum for topics relating to the numismatics of Antiquity and the Middle Ages.  It is not a collector's list, nor is it exclusively scholarly; but it is for serious students of coinage up to c. 1454.  It also offers an opportunity to announce the discovery of new coin hoards, newly discovered varieties (as well as newly identified forgeries), new books, recent thefts, and upcoming conferences. Coin shows and coin sales also may be announced, but sales of specific coins are absolutely forbidden, and anyone offering specific coins for sale will be summarily removed from the list.

You can join this group by sending a message with "subscribe numism-L your name" (without the quotation marks, where "your name" is how your name will appear in the list) in the body of the message to the list owner.    The message must be sent from the e-mail program where you wish to receive the messages.  Volume is low, as mail lists go, with only 8-10 messages per day.

The complete archives of NUMISM-L are available for you to browse.  Their web page is huge, so be prepared to wait for it to load!

PARTHIA-L is a lightly moderated mail list created to facilitate discussions about Parthia. It is not limited to numismatics, and discussion of all aspects of Parthia is encouraged. Numerous scholars use the list but popular topics are also welcome. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to Parthia-L-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit the mail list's home page.

SELEUKIDS is an unmoderated mail list created to discuss the history, arts, numismatics and epigraphy of the Hellenistic monarchies.   The Seleucid kings are of special interest but discussion of any of the monarchies is welcome. To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to seleukids-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or visit the mail list's home page.

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