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Parthian Rhytons

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Parthian craftsmen created exquisitely beautiful drinking horns called rhytons from metal and other materials such as ivory. The animals on these vessels included the ram, horse, bull, ibex, supernatural creatures, and female divinities; some bear royal inscriptions. Rhytons of precious materials were luxury wares probably used at royal courts.
Ivory rhyton in the collection of the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, found by archaeologists during excavations of Nisa
Rhyton terminating in the forepart of a wild cat, 1st century B.C.–1st century A.D.; Parthian period. Iran. Gilded silver; H. 27.5 cm (New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art)
  Silver, gold, glass, and garnet rhyton, about 50 B.C. - A.D. 50; 10 13/16 x 5 x 18 1/8 in. (Getty Museum, Malibu, 86.AM.753)
Gilded silver rhyton in the collection of the Shinjishumeikai, Shigaraki, Shiga Japan (image here from the temporary exhibition Antique Treasures Masterpieces of the Miho Museum, Shiga organized by the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, June 22 - October 31, 1999)

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