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Parthian Culture

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Parthian Costume

Tertullian in The Apparel of Women, written A.D. 197, mentions Parthian dress.

These modern drawings are from Thomas Hope's Costume of the Ancients (1812):

Parthian monarchs
Parthian, Persian, and Armenian kings
Parthian with his bow and javelin

Parthian Cuisine

Do we know what the Parthians ate? Some information has come to us about Parthian food through Roman sources, principally De Re Coquinaria by Marcus Gavius Apicius. In addition, there are a number of other sources containing classical Roman recipes with references to Parthia, the most important being De Agricultura by Marcus Porcius Cato. Click here for more information and recipes for Parthian Beans, Parthian Bread, Parthian Chicken, Parthian Lamb, and the condiments Garum and Laser.

Click here to see Parthian recipes.

Parthian Education

Education in the Parthian and Sasanian Periods  Enter EDUCATION in the search box, then select Education (Part 1). Encyclopaedia Iranica

Parthian Horsemanship

Was the Parthian style of riding and shooting arrows to the rear ("Parthian shot") exported to the Chinese? See an example of this hunting style illustrated by post-Parthian Chinese in a Fresco painting Hunting Scene from ceiling of Cave 249 (Chien-fo-tung cave, Northern Wei Dynasty, 386-634 A.D.)

See these pages for an essay on Parthian horses and a gallery of horse images taken from Parthian coins:
Parthian Horses - Parthian Archers
Horseman hunting onagers. Fresco, Dura Europos, Mesopotamia, Parthia. 2nd c. A.D. 6.5 feet wide. (Paris: Louvre)

Parthian Music

The following abstracts are from "Music Archaeology of Metal Ages," 9th International Symposium of the "Study Group on Music Archaeology", 18-24 May 1998, Kloster Michaelstein in Blankenburg, Germany:
The Musical Culture of Eastern Parthia and Hellenistic East: Parallels in Fine Art and Architecture by Veronika Meshkeris (St. Petersburg, Russia)
The Use of Music in Ancient Warfare: Parthian and Central Asian Warfare by Valerii P. Nikonorov (St. Petersburg, Russia)


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