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Locomotive "Parthia"

Diesel Electric Locomotive D227 40027

'Parthia' locomotive 40027 nameplate    'Parthia' locomotive 40027 nameplate
Parthia Locomotive Nameplate
at Sheffield auction in 2005

Parthia Locomotive Nameplate
while in service


'Parthia' locomotive 40027 at station

'Parthia' locomotive - line drawing

'Parthia' locomotive 40027 carries painted version of its name

40027 on a passenger working. It carries a painted version of its name 'Parthia'.
It has disk headcode but it's nose end doors have been removed.
Ashton Junction, Manchester, 9th June 1982. Photo credit: Colin Baker


English Electric 'Type 4' 1C0-C01 (later known as Class 40's) was introduced in 1958 as part of the modernization plan, equipped with a steam heating boiler and weighing 133 tons. There were 200 built, originally numbered D200 - D399 before being classified as TOPS Class 40 in the 1970's, losing their original green livery (and character!) in the process.

Locomotive 40027 was originally D224 and was built at the Vulcan Foundry in Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire entering traffic in August 1959, allocated to Longsight MPD. Twenty five class 40’s carried the names of famous ocean going liners on cast brass plates and D227 was named Parthia. These nameplates began to be removed by BR during the 1970’s, as the class 40’s were no longer considered as front line passenger engines and they were also attracting unwanted interest from "collectors". Withdrawal came on the 24th April 1983 (over four years since its last classified repair at Crewe works in November 1978) due to the main generator failure and it was broken up at Crewe works in April 1984.

Click here for an excellent view of 40027 by Andy Hoare taken at Reddish on 17th July 1982. The original nameplate is long gone by this time but this loco received a painted alternative in later years.

Brass Worksplate


Foundry nameplate reproduction - obverse Foundry nameplate reproduction - reverse

Source: eBay Item 6555393646, seller phil-ossifer by permission

English Electric Company Ltd London
No 2683/D444. 1959.
The Vulcan Foundry Ltd.
Locomotive Works England
It actually is 24.8cms long by 10.8cms wide (smaller than an original)

Known workings for D227/40027

Sheffield Railwayana Auctions 12th June 2010
Lot 424. BR FLAMECUT PAINTED NAMEPLATE: “PARTHIA” from the Type 4 1Co-Co1 Class 40 loco D227, later 40027. New to 9A Longsight in August 1959, works number EE/VF 2683/D444, it was named in June 1962. The cast plates were removed during 1972, and depot staff painted in the names. The loco was withdrawn in April 1983 from LO Longsight and cut up at Crewe Works in September 1984. 30” x 17” the name painted in white on a red background at the place where the nameplate would have been carried. In fact all the bolts which held the nameplate are still in-situ. Edges nicely trimmed and in ex-loco condition otherwise. Realized £190.

'Parthia' locomotive 40027 - Flamecut painted nameplate

Sheffield Railwayana Auctions 12th March 2005 at Myers Grove School Sheffield
Class 40, "Parthia", made £8,100, not a record. 
Lot 25. "Parthia Cunard Lines" ex BR Type 4 D227 / 40027. Cast alloy 28?"x15" £8100
Lot 25. NAMEPLATE "PARTHIA. Cunard Lines". This completely ex-loco nameplate was carried by the British Railways Type 4 1CoCo1 2000 H.P. diesel electric D227 built by English Electric as Works No. 2683 and Vulcan Foundry as D444, and emerging to traffic at Longsight on 24th August 1959. It was named at Crewe Works on 23rd June 1962 without ceremony. Renumbered 40027 Class 40 in December 1973, it was finally withdrawn from Longsight on 25th April 1983. It went to Crewe for scrap in May 1983 and was cut up by April 8th 1984. Cast aluminium, 28½"x15" tall. Realized £8100

Sheffield Railwayana Auctions 11 Dec 2004
Lot 288. Works and Tender Plates English Electric 2683/D444.1959VF ex BR Type 4 D227 "Parthia" Rect chromed brass 10"x4½". £620 Results: the nameplate from D227, a namer and ex-loco, was a tad disappointing at £620, below the record for a named loco.

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