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Ships Named Parthia or Parthian


Parthia I (UK) 1870 - 1884, renamed Victoria, Straits No. 27, and Straits Maru 3,167
Parthia II (UK) 1948 - 1961, renamed Remuera II, then Aramac 13,362
Parthia III (UK) 1963 - 1971, renamed Wambiri, Starship 1, and Rice Trader 5,149
Parthia I (USA) Brig, 1834
Parthia II (USA) Sailing ship, 1893 2,495
Parthia III (USA) Great Lakes Steamer, 1896
Parthia (Canada) Sailing ship, 1874-1887 1,527
Parthia (USA) Tugboat, 1906
Parthia I (Germany) 1900 - 1914, renamed Lizzy, Lord Harrington, and Francesco Papale 2,728
Parthia II (Germany) 1919 - 1919, renamed Hesperides III and Bertha Fisser 3,928
HMS Parthian I (UK) Brigantine Sloop, 1808-1828 238
HMS Parthian II (UK) Screw Gunboat, 1856-1864 236
HMS Parthian III (UK) Torpedo Boat Destroyer, 1916-1921 1038
HMS Parthian IV (UK) Long Range Patrol Submarine 1929-1943 1760
Parthian I (USA) Sailing ship, circa 1827-1828  
Parthian II (USA) Steamship, 1887 1,683
Locomotive Parthia (UK) Cunard Lines Locomotive Parthia

A wood screw gun vessel to be designated HMS Parthian (UK) was ordered to be built 26 March 1846 at Deptford dockyard. It would be 486BM, 150 x 26 feet, but it was cancelled in June 1849.

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