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Parthian II (USA)

Boston & Philadelphia Steamship Company

parthia12-3_small.jpg (216x123 -- 6013 bytes)  S.S. Parthian (1904)  parthia12-2_small.jpg (179x123 -- 4824 bytes)

This S.S. Parthian, belonged to the Winsor Line of Philadelphia, and was one of seven steamers purchased in 1907 by the Merchants & Miners Transportation Co. for duty as coastal steamer. (See article on the Ship's List web site.)

It is listed in the University of Baltimore's  Steamship Historical Society of America Collection.

In compliance with the The Wireless Ship Act of June 24, 1910, she was equipped with a United brand wireless with the call letters KQP, inspected in Baltimore.

Case law: The Parthian. Gould v. Boston & Philadelphia Steamship Co. Circuit Court of Appeals, First Circuit, April 13, 1893, No 15. In Admiralty. Libel by Moses M. Gould against the Boston & Philadelphia Steamship Company for damages resulting from a collision between the steamship Parthian and the schooner Florence about 55 miles southeast from Sandy Hook. There was a decree dismissing the libel, (48 Fed. Rep. 175,) and libellant appeals. Reversed.

Pictured on a postcard dated 1904, with crossed USA and company flags. The card is imprinted, "S.S. Parthian Captain C. F. Smith". In handwriting, the location and date appears to read, "Charley Tufts' Hill, Sept. 21, 1904." The message reads, "This good old boat was not so passive during the entire trip as it apparently seems to be pictured. O.K. now though. James"

Another souvenir is a 19-page brochure, circa 1905, from the Boston & Philadelphia Steamship Company with route map and deck plans of the steamers Grecian, Indian, and Parthian. It also has some interior photos and descriptive text plus the same company flag that appears on the postcard picture above. Here are images of the brochure:

parthia12-4_small.jpg (150x200 -- 8412 bytes)  parthia12-5_small.jpg (150x200 -- 7983 bytes)

It's lines look much like the S.S. Victoria (the refitted and renamed Parthia I (UK).

Stanton, Samuel Ward. American Steam Vessels (New York: Smith & Stanton, 1895), page 330

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