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Orodes III (c. A.D. 6)


Orodes III ruled for only a few months after the deposition of Phraataces, and he was eventually murdered by the same nobles that had placed him on the throne. Only a few tetradrachms were issued during his short reign. See the genealogy chart.

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Coins Attributed to Orodes III

The attributions and cataloging of Parthian coins used throughout this web site follow David Sellwood's An Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia (1980, 2nd edition) for consistency. The few exceptions to this policy are explained here.

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Sellwood Type 59

PDC 11467Orodes III (c. A.D. 6)
AR Tetradrachm, 13.53 g
Mint/ Seleucia, Intercalary month, 6 A.D.
Obv/ diademed bust of king left, pointed beard, no wart, ear visible, diadem ends as three lines; border of dots; graffiti in field
Rev/ king enthroned left, in right hand, bow; in left hand, scepter; date  ΖΙΤ ΕΜ[ΒΟΛΙΜΟΣ], year 317 Seleucid era, intercalary month; Greek inscription [ΒΑΣΙΛΕΩΣ] ΒΑΣΙΛΕ[ΩΝ ΑΡΣΑΚΟΥ] ΕΥΕΡΓΕΤ[ΟΥ Δ]ΙΚΑΙΟΥ [Ε]ΠΙΦΑΝΟΥΣ [ΦΙΛ]ΕΛΛΗΝΟ[Σ]
Photo/ by permission Classical Numismatic Group, CNG 58, lot 762
- Sellwood 59.2
- Shore 327
- BMC Parthia p. 142, pl. XXIV, 5 (Orodes II)

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