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Parthian Coin Images Needed

There are pictures of 3222 Parthian coins on this web site. The coins illustrated are from many different collections and are not for sale. If you have Parthian coins that are missing from this virtual collection -- or have better examples -- and would like to see them added to the pages here, please send me a message. I'll give you details on the correct graphics format for submission, and will arrange for photographing your coins, if necessary.

Here is a list of those coins required to complete this virtual collection.

Needed to have an example of every issuing authority:

Autonomous cities (Susa)
Meherdates (c. A.D. 49)
Phraates I (c. 176 - 171 B.C.)
Phriapatius (c. 191 - 176 B.C.)

Needed to have an example of every type:

I eventually want to have at least one image for every Sellwood coin type. As of now, I have no examples of the following types:

Sellwood types 91-i, 91-iii thru vi, 92-Susa

From Sellwood, Numismatic Chronicle, "New Parthian Coin Types" (1989):
Num Chron 1989, Type 5 (Shore 405)
Num Chron 1989, Type 7

From Sellwood, "The 'Victory' Drachms of Phraates IV," American Journal of Numismatics, Second Series 7-8 (1995-1996), pp. 75-81, and Plate 12:
"Victory Drachms of Phraates IV," Type 5
#Victory_Type_6">"Victory Drachms of Phraates IV," Type 6

From Sellwood, "Parthians and Scythians," Ex Moneta: essays on numismatics, history and archaeology in honour of Dr. David W. MacDowall (1998)
"Parthians and Scythians," fig. 1
"Parthians and Scythians," fig. 2
"Parthians and Scythians," fig. 3

Shore 126, 440
Mitchiner ACW 489

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