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Sellwood Type Numbers Index

Sellwood 2nd Edition (1980) Parthian Coin Types
"New Parthian Coin Types" (1989)
"The End of the Parthian Dynasty" (1990)
"Parthian Gold Coins" (1991)
"The 'Victory' Drachms of Phraates IV" (1996)
"Parthians and Scythians" (1998)
Types Unlisted by Sellwood

Index of Sellwood Types by Ruler
Sellwood Types and Subtypes
Parthian Coin Images Needed

David Sellwood's An Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia (London: Spink, 1980, 2nd ed.) is the essential tool for cataloging Parthian coins. You should always consider the king's name a tentative attribution and thus include Sellwood's type number with each reference to your coin. This is because the B.C. history of the Parthians is so unsettled that attributions by a king's name may easily change (and frequently have, the reason so many catalogs conflict); it is a bit more sure A.D., but may still change. Sellwood numbers are the constant used by scholars and collectors world-wide; however, note that some texts predate the 2nd edition (1980) and use the earlier Sellwood 1st edition (1971) numbering. Sellwood's book is not only a catalog, it is a typology; all the other references are just catalogs. Also, Sellwood continues to publish new types from time to time in journal articles. See the Attribution Correlation Chart to cross-reference Sellwood (1980) type numbers with Sellwood (1971) types and the attributions of other catalogs. Also see the Index of Sellwood Types by Ruler page. Go to the Parthian coin images needed page to see a list of those required to complete this virtual coin collection.

Click on a type number to locate examples:

Sellwood 2nd Edition (1980) Parthian Coin Types

Type Number Ruler Type Number Ruler
Sellwood Type 1 Arsaces I Sellwood Type 49 Pacorus I
Sellwood Type 2 Arsaces I Sellwood Type 50 Phraates IV
Sellwood Type 3 Arsaces I Sellwood Type 51 Phraates IV
Sellwood Type 4 Arsaces I Sellwood Type 52 Phraates IV
Sellwood Type 5 Arsaces II Sellwood Type 53 Phraates IV
Sellwood Type 6 Arsaces II Sellwood Type 54 Phraates IV
Sellwood Type 7 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 55 Tiridates I
Sellwood Type 8 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 56 Phraataces
Sellwood Type 9 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 57 Phraataces
Sellwood Type 10 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 58 Phraataces
Sellwood Type 11 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 59 Orodes III
Sellwood Type 12 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 60 Vonones I
Sellwood Type 13 Mithradates I Sellwood Type 61 Artabanus II
Sellwood Type 14 Phraates II Sellwood Type 62 Artabanus II
Sellwood Type 15 Phraates II Sellwood Type 63 Artabanus II
Sellwood Type 16 Phraates II Sellwood Type 64 Vardanes I
Sellwood Type 17 Phraates II Sellwood Type 65 Gotarzes II
Sellwood Type 18 Interregnal Issues Sellwood Type 66 Gotarzes II
Sellwood Type 19 Artabanus I Sellwood Type 67 Vonones II
Sellwood Type 20 Artabanus I Sellwood Type 68 Vologases I
Sellwood Type 21 Artabanus I Sellwood Type 69 Vardanes II
Sellwood Type 22 Artabanus I Sellwood Type 70 Vologases I
Sellwood Type 23 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 71 Vologases I
Sellwood Type 24 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 72 Vologases II
Sellwood Type 25 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 73 Pacorus II
Sellwood Type 26 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 74 Artabanus III
Sellwood Type 27 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 75 Pacorus II
Sellwood Type 28 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 76 Pacorus II
Sellwood Type 29 Mithradates II Sellwood Type 77 Pacorus II
Sellwood Type 30 Unknown King (II) Sellwood Type 78 Vologases III
Sellwood Type 31 Orodes I Sellwood Type 79 Vologases III
Sellwood Type 32 Unknown King (I) Sellwood Type 80 Osroes I
Sellwood Type 33 Gotarzes I Sellwood Type 81 Parthamaspates
Sellwood Type 34 Sinatruces Sellwood Type 82 Mithradates IV
Sellwood Type 35 Darius of Media Atropatene Sellwood Type 83 Unknown King (III)
Sellwood Type 36 Darius of Media Atropatene Sellwood Type 84 Vologases IV
Sellwood Type 37 Darius of Media Atropatene Sellwood Type 85 Osroes II
Sellwood Type 38 Phraates III Sellwood Type 86 Vologases V
Sellwood Type 39 Phraates III Sellwood Type 87 Vologases V
Sellwood Type 40 Mithradates III Sellwood Type 88 Vologases VI
Sellwood Type 41 Mithradates III Sellwood Type 89 Artabanus IV
Sellwood Type 42 Orodes II Sellwood Type 89.4 (Tiridates III)
Sellwood Type 43 Orodes II Sellwood Type 90 Artabanus IV
Sellwood Type 44 Orodes II Sellwood Type 91 Countermarked Issues
Sellwood Type 45 Orodes II Sellwood Type 92 Autonomous City Issues
Sellwood Type 46 Orodes II Sellwood Type 93 Sanabares
Sellwood Type 47 Orodes II
Sellwood Type 48 Orodes II

Numismatic Chronicle, "New Parthian Coin Types" (1989)

In "New Parthian Coin Types" (Numismatic Chronicle 149, 1989), Sellwood documented a hoard of silver coins that appeared on the market beginning in 1984. The majority of the coins were diobols from Persis, but the hoard included a small group of Parthian coins, none of them published before 1984. Sellwood arranged the coins into seven types indicated in the following chart. A selection of these coins, including several from David Sellwood's collection, are presented on the Sellwood 1989 page.

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 1 Vologases I
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 2 Vologases I
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 3 Vologases II
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 4 Vologases II
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 5 Artabanus III
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 6 Pacorus II
Sellwood Num Chron 1989, Type 7 Osroes I

Spink Numismatic Circular, "The End of the Parthian Dynasty" (1990)

In An Introduction to the Coinage of Parthia (1980), Sellwood listed type 89.4 as a coin of Artabanus with an uncertain Parthian Aramaic inscription. In 1990, he corrected the inscription based on the appearance of other coins. It is now clear that the inscription reads tr'dt (= Tiridates).  An Arsacid with this name was elected king of Armenia circa A.D. 216, but we cannot be certain it is the same as the Tiridates who issued these coins. The Armenian king appears to have died before the final battle with the Sasanians. Sellwood concludes that, in any event, Tiridates was the last of the Arsacid ruler of Parthia.

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood "The End of the Parthian Dynasty" (Sellwood 1980, type 89.4) Tiridates III


Proceedings of the XIth International Numismatic Congress,
"Parthian Gold Coins" (1991)

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood "Parthian Gold Coins" Type 1 Vonones I
Sellwood "Parthian Gold Coins" Type 2 Vonones I

"The 'Victory' Drachms of Phraates IV" (1996)

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood, "The 'Victory' Drachms of Phraates IV" Type 5 Tiridates I
Sellwood, "The 'Victory' Drachms of Phraates IV" Type 6 Phraates IV

"Parthians and Scythians" (1998)

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood, "Parthians and Scythians" Fig. 1 (Sellwood type 15 unpublished obol) Phraates II
  Sellwood, "Parthians and Scythians" Fig. 2 Phraates II
Sellwood, "Parthians and Scythians" Fig. 3 Mithradates II

Unlisted Types

The following types are not listed by Sellwood in the above publications, but recent research indicates  coins may now be attributed to these rulers.

Type Number Ruler
Sellwood Unlisted Type Meherdates
Sellwood Unlisted Type (Shore 126) Orodes I
Sellwood Unlisted Type (Shore 440) Osroes II
Sellwood Unlisted Type Pacorus II
Sellwood Unlisted Type Phraates I
Sellwood Unlisted Type Phriapatius

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