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Annotated Parthia Bibliography

This bibliography contains 3454 works about Parthia by 1711 authors. The emphasis is on numismatics, but other disciplines are included. Entries in this bibliography are sorted first by author, then date. Annotations are by Chris Hopkins, unless otherwise noted. Go to the search page to look for a specific word on this web site.

There is also a Recent Publications (2007-2009) page containing works about Parthia published 2007-2009 (which are also contained in this main bibliography).

A chronological list of the last six months of additions and updates to the bibliography is available on the Log of Bibliography Additions/Updates page.

(No Author) to 1991

Page 1

1992 to Allotte de la Fuÿe, François Maurice

Page 2

Allotte de la Fuÿe, François Maurice to Altheìm-Stiehl, Ruth

Page 3

Altheìm-Stiehl, Ruth to Asgari Chaverdi, A. & Azarnoush, Massoud

Page 4

Ash, John to Baatz, Dietwulf

Page 5

Babaev, I. A. & Kaziev, C. M. to Barthélemy, M. l'Abbé

Page 6

Bartholomae, Ch. to Bellinger, Alfred R.

Page 7

Belloni, J. G. & Dall'asén, L. F. to Bingham, Woodbridge; Conroy, Hilary & Iklé, Frank W.

Page 8

Bingham, Woodbridge; Conroy, Hilary & Iklé, Frank W. to Boucharlat, Rémy & Haerinck, Ernie

Page 9

Boucharlat, Rémy & Salles, Jean-François (eds.) to Bulin, R. K.

Page 10

Bürcklein, August to Chapot, Victor

Page 11

Charbonneaux, Jean & Pradel, Pierre to Colledge, Malcolm A. R.

Page 12

Colledge, Malcolm A. R. (continued) to Curtis, John E.

Page 13

Curtis, John E. (continued) to Dalby, Andrew & Grainger, Sally

Page 14

Dalley, Stephanie to Desroches, Jean-Paul

Page 15

Diakonoff, I. M. to Dover, Kenneth James

Page 16

Dowlatshahi, Ali to Durkin-Meisterernst, Desmond

Page 17

Durkin-Meisterernst, Desmond (continued) to Errington, E. & Curtis, Vesta Sarkhosh

Page 18

Ettinghausen, R. to Frézouls, E.

Page 19

Friedländer, Julius & Sallet, Alfred F. C. von to Fukai, Shinji

Page 20

Fukai, Shinji (continued) to Gasche, Hermann

Page 21

Gasche, Hermann (continued) to Geyer, F.

Page 22

Geyer, T. to Göbl, Robert

Page 23

Göbl, Robert to Grenet, Frantz

Page 24

Grenet, Frantz & Bopearachchi, Osmund to Haerinck, Ernie

Page 25

Haerinck, Ernie (continued) to Harnack, Dieter

Page 26

Harper, Prudence O. to Henning, W. B.

Page 27

Henning, W. B. (continued) to Hoge, Robert Wilson

Page 28

Hohfelder, Robert to Hurter, Silvia (ed.)

Page 29

Huyse, Philip to Invernizzi, Antonio

Page 30

Invernizzi, Antonio (continued) to Jommelli, Niccolo (comp.) & Verazi, Mattia (libretto)

Page 31

Jones, A. H. M. to Keall, Edward J.

Page 32

Keall, Edward J. (continued) to Kleiss, Wolfram

Page 33

Kleiss, Wolfram (continued) to Koshelenko, Gennadij A.; Bader, Andrei & Gaibov, Vassif

Page 34

Koshelenko, Gennadij A.; Lapshin, A. G. & Novikov, S. to Le Rider, Georges

Page 35

Le Rider, Georges (continued) to Li, Jian (ed.)

Page 36

Lidzbarski, M. to Longpérier, Henri Adrien Prévost de

Page 37

Longrigg, Stephen Hemsley & Stoakes, Frank to Mallet, Alain Manesson

Page 38

Mallet, Alain Manesson (continued) to Masi, Vincenzo

Page 39

Masson to Meillet, A.

Page 40

Meillet, A. (continued) to Mitchiner, Michael

Page 41

Mitchiner, Michael (continued) to Morizot, P.

Page 42

Mørkholm, Otto to Nadooshan, Farhang Khademi; Azizipoure Tahereh & Qanbari, Batul

Page 43

Narain, A. K. to Nikonorov, Valerii P.

Page 44

Nikonorov, Valerii P. (continued) to Olajos, T.

Page 45

Olbrycht, Marek J. to Pape, W.

Page 46

Pappalardo, Eleonora to Pieper, Wilfried

Page 47

Pigulevskaia, Nina Viktorovna to Potts, Daniel T.

Page 48

Potts, Daniel T. (continued) to Ramsay

Page 49

Rao, V. P. S. to Rives, Robert G.

Page 50

Robbins, Royal to Rowland, B.

Page 51

Rtveladze, E. V. to Sale Catalogs

Page 52

Sale Catalogs (continued) to Sale Catalogs

Page 53

Sale Catalogs (continued) to Sarianidi, Viktor Ivanovich

Page 54

Sarianidi, Viktor Ivanovich (continued) to Schmitt, Rüdiger

Page 55

Schmitt, Rüdiger to Sellwood, David

Page 56

Sellwood, David (continued) to Senior, R.C.

Page 57

Senior, R.C. (continued) to Shore, Fred B.

Page 58

Shore, Fred B. (continued) to Simonetta, Bono

Page 59

Simonetta, Bono (continued) to Soden, Wolfram von

Page 60

Solinus, Caius Julius
to Strauss, Barry S.

Page 61

Streck, Michael P. to Sznol, Shifra Hannah

Page 62

Sznycer, M. to Thorley, J.

Page 63

Thum, Rian to Unvalla, J. M.

Page 64

Usmanova, Z. I. to Venco Ricciardi, Roberta

Page 65

Venco Ricciardi, Roberta (continued) to Weiskopf, Michael

Page 66

Weissbach, F. H. to Wilber, Donald

Page 67

Wilber, Donald (continued) to Wolski, Józef

Page 68

Wolski, Józef

Page 69

Wolski, Józef (continued) to Zaehner, R. C.

Page 70

Zamir-Dahncke, M. R. to Zygman, Edmund

Page 71

If you have any additional references, please send them to me using the feedback page.

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